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Lawrence Okoye Signs with 49ers

"Our Creator created a beautiful man." "Lawrence Okoye is a great physical specimen." Words uttered by the best coach in the current NFL, 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh. Look at what this guy does in the weight room and you'll fully understand why the 49ers moved in on him Lawrence Okoye--Strength Training

It was no mystery that Okoye was on the 49ers radar, as his makeup and physical stature are just too much to ignore. The kids legs look like they could squeeze a man's head off like a pre-pubesecent pimple; he's just THAT strong. 

3 weeks ago I reported (before the rest of the world) that the 49ers were interested in Okoye. I assumed the 49ers would use one of their last picks to add Okoye before another team showed enough interest. Lucky for us, Okoye's raw talent didn't warrant a draft selection. Within hours of the drafts cessation, Okoye was being hunted by the Red and Gold Nation. 

Okoye has a ton to learn if he is to ever thrive in the Bay, but adding this prospect can only pay huge dividends in the near future. Okoye will hang on Jim Tomsula's every word, and should show some ability in certain pass rushing situations.

Being an Olympian while still considered a TEENAGER, Okoye has the mental makeup and drive necessary to compliment his already physically overpowering stature. Look for the 49ers to verse Okoye on football acumen, and for him to readily contribute within a couple years time. With a larger upside than almost anyone available, the 49ers had to pull the trigger on this can't miss talent.