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Top Fantasy Wide Receivers for the 2013 NFL Season: 10-1

It's Not Just 49ers Football, It's 49ers Life.

Here at, it's our goal to provide you with the best 49ers coverage known around the world; but we DON'T stop there. With over 25 million fantasy football players worldwide, fantasy football has become much more than just a friendly competition. We broadcast our dominance, belittling all in front of us. 

I want you to be that person, to feel the glory of outperforming those close to you. With over 17 years of fantasy football knowledge, it's my intention to give you all the possible outlets needed to be this narcissistic jerk. 

We wrap up our countdown of the Top 30 Wide Receivers for the 2013 NFL Season: 10-1  and are already hard at work with a focus on the running backs now. Have a 49er day !