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49ers to make push for Dolphin's CB Sean Smith at the "right price."

Welcome to another FA blog for our beloved Red and Gold!!! Rumors and conjecture, who doesn't love that at this time of the year? With the FA period to begin tomorrow, the 49ers are starting to put cogs in place that will stabilize another run at the Lombardi trophy. The playoffs, mainly the games against Atlanta and Baltimore, showed that we need to become bigger and more physical on the outside. Adding the 6'3, 214 pound Smith would do just that. Of course there is a caveat. Realistically, the 49ers would have to cut Carlos Rogers to take on the contract of the Ex University of Utah standout. Anybody see this as a problem? This writer certainly doesn't. Making the play for Boldin was outstanding, but it did us no favors in the age department. If we can secure Smith, we will shore up our CB issues for years to come. Tarell Brown is only getting better, and if Culliver can get his %$#@ together, we are looking at a formidable bunch. I'm thinking 4 years at $24 million, and something a little smaller to Brown (a much needed raise and extension) Where do you stand Red and Gold enthusiasts?